Our Core Values


We respect human dignity

We apply human rights approach in all our engagements with our people.

We seek to excel in what we do

We uphold the highest ethical standards (integrity, accountability, professionalism and transparency) in the conduct of our affairs.

We value the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives

We work with them to identify challenges and seek sustainable solutions.

We are solution oriented, innovative and resilient

We do not give up easily, even in the toughest situations we proactively think inside and outside the box to search for answers.

We care for our employees

We create and nurture a culture that enables our staff to have healthy work – life balance, career advancement and decent life.

We embrace diversity

We seize opportunity to learn new ideas from those different from us and share our values with them.

We value and appreciate our partners

We honor agreements and keep them updated on what we do together.


Our Services Info

What we offer

Legal Assistance

We provide individualized and group legal assistance which includes legal advice, legal education and in and out of court representation. We support our clients to obtain legal status and proof thereof as a key factor in accessing rights and opportunities.

Through legal assistance we have managed to reach 132 direct beneficiaries and 314 indirect beneficiaries.

Community empowerment and support.

We empower and support our target groups with tools to advocate for themselves, increase their access to the rights, livelihoods and opportunities for the attainment of self-fulfillment.

Through community empowerment and support we have empowered asylum seekers and refugees in Dar es Salaam with business and entrepreneurship skills. We have provided refugees, asylum seekers and Tanzanians with kick start money at the sum of TZS 2,000,000 per pair to establish a businesses.

Targeted development programs implementation.

Advocacy, capacity building and awareness raising.

We engage in broad advocacy at all levels aiming at creating better responses to the needs of our clients and the challenges hindering their full enjoyment of rights and advocate for economic and social inclusion.


Target Groups

  • Refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants
  • Stateless persons and people at risk of statelessness
  • People living in extreme poverty (with special attention to women, children and youth)


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