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Welcome To DIGNITY Kwanza

DIGNITY Kwanza was established in 2018 to contribute to efforts to find solutions to challenges facing marginalized and vulnerable population in Tanzania through promoting Human Dignity and Inclusive Development.

Unfortunately, it has been a tendency, especially in the developing world, to treat the two concepts as mutually exclusive. On the one hand, development plans and projects are often designed or implemented in a manner that hardly promotes and affirms the human dignity of many. On the other hand, human rights, whose foundation is human dignity, are regrettably regarded as obstacles instead of an essential element of development. Consequently, segments of the population become and remain marginalized and vulnerable to rights violations and extreme poverty. Such people face challenges in accessing social services and opportunities to attain self-fulfillment and contribute to nation-building.

At DIGNITY Kwanza, we strongly believe that once people’s dignity is safeguarded,everything else will fall into place; hence the name “DIGNITY Kwanza”.


We strongly believe that once people’s dignity is safe guarded, everything else will fall into place, here are services we provide.

Refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants
Stateless persons and people at risk of statelessness
Vulnerable women, children and youth

Why choose us ?

Human dignity and development are two sides of the same coin.

We respect human dignity

We apply human rights approach in all our engagements with our people.

We seek to excel in what we do:

We uphold the highest ethical standards (integrity, accountability, professionalism and transparency) in the conduct of our affairs.

We value the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives:

We work with them to identify challenges and seek sustainable solutions.

We are solution oriented, innovative and resilient:

We do not give up easily, even in the toughest situations we proactively think inside and outside the box to search for answers.

We care for our employees:

We create and nurture a culture that enables our staff to have healthy work – life balance, career advancement and decent life.

We embrace diversity:

We seize opportunity to learn new ideas from those different from us and share our values with them.